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    calibration, collimator, jaw, junction dose, TrueBeam, walkout [1]
    cancer disparities, health equity, intervention, pragmatic trial, systems change [1]
    cancer, tumor microenvironment, acidosis, proton-sensing G protein-coupled receptors, GPR4, GPR65 (TDAG8), GPR68 (OGR1), GPR132 (G2A) [1]
    cannabinoids, cancer, in vivo, clinical studies, clinical trials, therapeutics, cancer models, endocannabinoids [1]
    Carbon nanotubes, Genotoxicity, Chromosomal translocations, Centromere, Aneuploidy, In vitro, Mitotic spindle, Cell cycle [1]
    Cardiac amyloidosis; Restrictive cardiomyopathy; Transthyretin; Case report [1]
    Cardiac structures; Automatic segmentation; Deformation; Breast radiotherapy [1]
    career stage, pre-tenure faculty, tenured faculty, early career faculty, late career faculty, publishing, undergraduates [1]
    Caring; Empathy; Learning; Nursing education; Nursing faculty; Nursing instructor; Nursing schools; Nursing students [1]
    Case report, Infective endocarditis, CorMatrix valve, Tricuspid valve, Bacteraemia, Cardiogenic shock, Sepsis [1]
    Castor canadensis, carbon cycle, decay rate, decomposition, leaf packs, Nothofagus [1]
    Cell type composition; Genomics; Plant development; Single-cell RNA-sequencing methods [1]
    cervical cancer; Pap tests; abnormal results; text messaging; appointment reminders [1]
    change detection; interferometric SAR (InSAR); multitemporal coherence data; snow cover and status change; temporal-coherence component [1]
    child labor; migrant and seasonal farmworkers; occupational health; agricultural health; health disparities; health equity; Latino/Hispanic [1]
    Childhood glaucoma; Sickle cell disease; Normal-tension glaucoma; Optic disc cupping; Retinal nerve fiber layer [1]
    Childhood obesity, Socioeconomic status, Home environment, Sleep, Socioecologic model [1]
    chiral magnetic effect; isobaric collisions; density functional theory [1]
    Class C fly ash; Silica fume alkali-silica reaction; Precast concrete; High performance concrete [1]
    Claudin-7; tight junctions; permeability; WNK4; epithelial sodium channel (ENaC), collecting duct cells [1]