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    malnutrition; minerals/trace element intake; nutrient intake; oral nutrition supplement; vitamin intake [1]
    mangrove; machine-learning algorithms; google earth engine; random forest; CART; Senegal; The Gambia; Africa [1]
    marsh, conservation, coastal management, habitat loss, ecosystem function [1]
    MCL-1; ABT-737; BH3 mimetic; AML; ERK; apoptosis [1]
    mechanics / trophoblast invasion / blastocyst implantation / tissue stiffness / human [1]
    mechanisms of HGT; plant evolution; mitochondrial genome; adaptation [1]
    Mesenchymal stem cells, cardiomyoplasty, engraftment, intramyocardial injection, cardiac [1]
    Mesenteritis · Small bowel obstruction · Bowel resection [2]
    Mesothelin, Pancreas, Tumor, Proliferation, Immune [1]
    Methodological Individualism, Inequalities, Whole-Population Approach, Stigma [1]
    miRNA, differentially expressed genes, fungal stress, mRNA targets, Ascochyta blight resistance, miRNA-mRNA, cleavage [1]
    miRNA, RNAi, nerve injury, nerve regeneration, translational regulation [1]
    misfolding, prion, cross-seeding, α-synuclein, tau, conformational strain [1]
    mitochondria, adenylyl cyclase, cAMP, protein kinase A, complex I, respiration, skeletal muscle, liver [1]
    mobility; hospitalization; older adults; implementation [1]
    Molecular biology, Physiology [1]
    monsoon; precipitation; ENSO; hydroclimate; Ganges; Brahmaputra; Meghna; river basin [1]
    mosquito, barrier application, pyrethroid, permethrin, bifenthrin, DDT, Aedes, Culex, Anopheles [1]
    mRNA translational control, Oogenesis, C. elegans, Translation state array analysis, TSAA, Protein synthesis, Meiotic maturation [1]
    MRSA; MLST; rep-PCR; North Carolina; livestock; cluster detection [1]