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    pancreatic adenocarcinoma; programmed death ligand; microsatellite instability [1]
    PAP, Rituximab, Alveolar macrophages, Surfactant, PPARγ, ABCG1, LPLA2 [1]
    Patient complaints; Patient safety; Quality improvements; Quality of health care [1]
    patient portals; digital divide; pregnancy; poverty; health literacy [1]
    Patients. Wounds and injuries. Therapeutics. Surgical procedures, operative. Control. [1]
    Pediatric fractures, Accidental falls, Cost analysis [1]
    Pediatric obesity, Quality of life, Depression, Obesity treatment [1]
    Persistent polyclonal B cell lymphocytosis, Splenomegaly, Lymphoma, Binucleated lymphocytes [1]
    physical activity, gamification, social incentives, social networking service, WeChat, undergraduate students [1]
    physical literacy, activity, social media, online resource, Internet, HONcode, YouTube [1]
    Poly(ethylene terephthalate); Continuous drawing; Infusion [1]
    Polybrominated diphenyl ether, PBDE, DE-71, immune, hematology, splenic CD4+/CD8+ cells, serum clinical chemistry, thyroid hormone, histology [1]
    population health, determinants of health, health-related quality of life, health status, patient-reported outcomes, patient surveys, underserved populations [1]
    Postoperative, Dialysis, bedside, cardiac, cardiac surgery, patient counseling [1]
    Prasugrel, Sickle cell disease, Thienopyridine, Platelet function [1]
    predictive analytics; continuous predictive monitoring; neonatal intensive care; sepsis; Diffusion of Innovations; innovation attributes; implementation [1]
    premature ovarian insufficiency; in vitro fertilization; donor oocyte; fertility preservation [1]
    Prospermatogonia; Spermatogonia; Testis; Immunofluorescence; Immunohistochemistry [1]
    protein synthesis; eIF4 factors; RNA-binding proteins; maternal/paternal mRNAs; meiosis; gametogenesis; apoptosis; caspase; picornavirus [1]
    Pulmonary exposure, BAL, Serum cytokines, Modified carbon nanotubes, MWCNT, Nanotoxicology, Nanoparticle [1]