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    alcohol preferring rat; tolcapone; oscillation; prefrontal cortex; nucleus accumbens; alcoholism; alcohol use disorder [1]
    alcohol, depression, discrepant relationships, infidelity, interdependence [1]
    alpine wetland; extended Fourier approach; ill-posed inversion problem; leaf area index; uncertainty [1]
    anaerobes, anaerobic bacteria, Bacteroides, chelatase, dechelatase, demetallase, heme, iron [1]
    anaerobes, deep subsurface, extracellular enzymes, heterotrophs, peptidases, sediments [1]
    Anaerobic infection, Bacteroides fragilis, experimental intra-abdominal infection, hemolysins, in vivo gene expression [1]
    anatomic pathology, surgical pathology, residency training, prosection, grossing [1]
    Anterior cruciate ligament injury prevention; Barriers to implementation; Neuromuscular training programs; Socio-Ecological Model; Sports injury prevention [1]
    antibiotics; antimicrobials; electronic medical record; stewardship; community hospitals [1]
    Antipredator behavior, Innate risk detection, Predation risk, Predator efficiency, Anuran amphibian [1]
    antivenomcopperheadcottonmouthCrotalinaeCroFabcrotalinecrotaliddermotomyenvenomationFabAVfasciotomypitviperrattlesnakesnakebiteViperidae [1]
    anuran amphibian, complex life cycles, density dependence, local adaptation, salt tolerance [1]
    aortic stenosis, risk stratification, skilled nursing facility, transcatheter aortic valve replacement [1]
    apoptosis, leukemia initiating cells, mRNA translation, PI3K/Akt/mTOR, targeted therapy [1]
    Arctic, Childbearing age, Dietary adequacy, Inuvialuit, Smoking [1]
    Arenivaga, dispersal, endemism, Florida platform, Gulf Coast corridor [1]
    arterial compliance; diabetes mellitus; pediatric; risk factor [1]
    atrial fibrillation endothelium epidemiology [1]
    autism, autism spectrum disorders, drugs, environmental chemicals, infections, vaccinations, stressors, critical windows of development, developmental neurotoxicity testing [1]
    autoimmune disease, experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, immune, multiple sclerosis, myelin, neuroantigen, T lymphocytes, therapy, tolerance, vaccine [1]