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  • How Sweet It Is: Traditional Sweet Iced Tea and the Diabesity Epidemic. 

    Taft, Natalie; Collier, David N.; Tanenberg, Robert; Kolasa, Kathryn M. (2015-01)
    In this paper we present four cases from our medical practice to increase awareness of the role of sweet tea in obesity and diabetes management. We start with a history of Southern style “sweet tea”, and discuss the ...
  • I want to survive and thrive: diet and physical activity recommendations for Breast Cancer Survivors 

    Kolasa, Kathryn (2018-09)
    In this article, we review current diet and physical activity recommendations for long-time survivors of breast cancer. We also hear the voice of a survivor and her response to the diagnosis of a postmenopausal breast ...
  • In-ear hearing test probe devices and methods and systems using same 

    Givens, Gregg; Yao, Jianchu (2017-11-04)
    A medical hearing testing method includes: inserting an in-ear test probe that is coupled to a hearing test adapter into an ear of a patient at a patient site; receiving device identification data at a web portal operating ...
  • IN4Kids: data from a study of RD integration into primary care 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Silberberg, Mina; Carter-Edwards, Lori; Murphy, Gwen; Mayhew, Megan; Armstrong, Sarah; Perrin, Eliana; Vodicka, Sheree; Graham, Cameron; Shah, Vandana (2010-03-10)
    Research indicates barriers to PCPs recognizing and counseling overweight children and their families, including lack of: knowledge about nutritional guidance, time to provide services, reimbursement, and skills in working ...
  • The Need for Interprofessional Collaborative Ready Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioners 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Eliot, Kathrin A. (2014-10-01)
    This is the full length paper of what turned out to be a published brief after going through peer review. Many of our colleagues have requested the original full length description which is more of a call to action for ...
  • North Carolina's Pediatric Obesity Clinician Reference Guide and Tool Kit 

    Albright, Jenny; Armstrong, Sarah; Collier, David N.; Pullen-Davis, L; Dunn, Carolyn Kusbit; Gerald, L; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Langer, S; Lazorick, Suzanne; Perrin, Eliana; Schwartz, Robert; Skelton, Josephy; Thomas, Cathy; Christianson, L (2009-07-27)
    This poster presents the tools developed by clinicians treating childhood obesity in North Carolina. The history of the development of these tools is outlined at the end of the accompanying abstract submission to the ...
  • North Carolina's Plan to Address Obesity: Healthy Weight and Healthy Communities 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Craven, Kay (2013-02-07)
    This presentation describes the 2013-2020 NC Obesity Plan. Evidence based core behaviors are described as well as strategies for encouraging the adoption of those behaviors in worksites, health care and colleges and ...
  • Outpatient Colonoscopy by Rural Family Physicians 

    Newman, Robert J.; Nichols, David B.; Cummings, Doyle M. (East Carolina University, 2005-03)
    PURPOSE Five percent of family physicians offer colonoscopy services, either in the office or the hospital, often in rural areas that have no gastroenterologist. Two previous large series have shown the quality and safety ...
  • A Pacific Food Guide from the Children's Healthy Living PRogram 

    The paper describes the development of the Pacific Food Guide. The Food Guide includes fruits, vegetables, fish and animals not typically found in the US Food Guides but are consumed by individuals living int the Pacific. ...
  • Participation in Community-Originated Interventions is Associated with Positive Changes in Weight Status and Health Behaviors in Youth 

    Whetstone, Lauren; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Collier, David N. (2012-04-13)
    Purpose. To assess changes in children’s health behaviors and weight status after participation in community-originated interventions. ...
  • Pitt County Memorial Hospital Plays a Role in the Eat Smart Move More North Carolina Movement 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Currie, Russ; Dial, Jeff; Gaskins, Scottie; Simmons, Rose Ann (2009)
    Pitt County Memorial Hospital is taking the "Journey to Excellence" and as part of that journey, is creating a culture of wellness. This paper describes those efforts as well as the criteria for healthy food. Data ...
  • The Pong Principle 

    Ellis, Thomas (2011-02-25)
    "Learning to Listen: A Patient Becomes the Teacher By Serving Up Life-Changing Advice
  • Smart injection syringe systems providing real-time user feedback of correct needle position 

    Bartlett, Edwin (2009-02-09)
    Syringe assemblies include a syringe with a syringe body (15b) defining a fluid cavity in fluid communication with an injection needle (25); a force, pressure and/or flow sensor (30) in fluid communication with the needle; ...
  • Special Concerns through an early pregnancy journey 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M. (2016-06)
    Nutrition and supplementation in the woman of reproductive age can have profound and lasting effects on her child’s health. Preconception planning for all women should include advice to begin folic acid supplementation at ...
  • Stress and burnout in nutrition and dietetics 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Cuff, Patricia; Eliot, Kathrin (2018-03)
    Literature from across multiple health professions points to a budding crisis where current and future health professionals are experiencing stress and burnout at an alarming rate that threatens the vitality of our healthcare ...
  • Take Off 4-Health Healthy Lifestyle Camp Nutrition Education Curriculum 

    Dunn, Carolyn Kusbit; Harr, Nancy; Crawford, Yancey; Henes, Sarah T.; Kinner, Stephanie; Sutton, Virginia; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Collier, David N. (2009-06-09)
    Summer camps designed to produce weight loss are popular childhood obesity interventions. Nutrition education is a critical component of youth weight loss camps and we will present the curriculum developed for a 3 week ...
  • Take Off 4-Health: Innovative Strategies to Improve Wellness in Adolescents 

    Harris, Nancy G.; Briley, Alexis; Collier, David N.; Dunn, Carolyn Kusbit; Crawford, Yancey; Henes, Sarah T.; Kinner, Stephanie; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Lutes, Lesley D.; Scripture, Lee (2010-11-09)
    Summer camps for weight loss are popular. We present the nutrition curriculum for a 3 week residential camp for adolescents with health risks related to obesity or type 2 diabetes. The curriculum includes a camper meal ...
  • Teaching the Art of Medicine: A Changing Portrait in Today's Medical Schools 

    Lambert, Aaron; Gress, Todd; Veitia, Marie (2008-03)
    Objective: The purpose of the present study was to assess attitudes toward the value of the “art of medicine” in medical education, beliefs regarding whether it can be taught and, if so, the methods of teaching that would ...
  • The UHS Nutrition Initiative: Enhancing the ability of patients, employees and the community to "Eat Smart and Move More" 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Poole, Diane A; Chatman, Mary B.; Nelson, Catherine; Gaskins, Scottie; Holliday, Amanda (2005)
    This article describes the obesity problem in eastern North Carolina and the responses that the Pitt County Memorial Hospital is taking locally to change policies and environments.
  • What to do when doctors disagree on diet for women with Gestational Diabetes 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Haven, Kelley; Craven, Kay (2018-05)
    Medical nutrition therapy is considered the cornerstone of treatment for gestational diabetes mellitus, even though there is no consensus on the best dietary approach to achieve optimal glycemic control and positive maternal ...