Scholarship Deposit Process

About Depositing Work in The ScholarShip

The ScholarShip offers several convenient features for distributing work across the Internet.

  • The deposit process is very simple, about the same as loading a file onto a Web site.
  • As a permanent repository, The ScholarShip maintains your file indefinitely with no further work on your part. Even if you leave East Carolina University, the file will be maintained.
  • The ScholarShip publicizes the descriptive information you provide with your file. This means that potential readers of your work can find it by searching any service that collects this information, including not only subscription databases like OAIster, but also commercial search engines like Google. The audience for deposited work is far larger than just the people who know that the University has a repository.
  • The ScholarShip provides you with a permanent URL for your work. You can distribute the URL rather than attaching files to email messages. You can use the URL to create a link to your deposited work from any Web page.

Interested in depositing your work to The ScholarShip?

Here's how:

Before depositing your work in The ScholarShip, be sure you have the following:

  • copyright or permission from the copyright holder (see the Author's Rights page for help with this step)
  • complete citation information
  • fulltext file (in an acceptable format) in a location from which you can browse to upload
  • several terms which you can use to describe the content of your work
  • Follow the Login link on the home page. You will then see a login page with two boxes - use your University ID and password to log in
  • Follow the Submit link to begin a New Submission
  • After selecting a collection that matches your department/program affiliation, follow the instructions to upload your file

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