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  • Is type II diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) a surgical disease? 

    Pories, Walter J.; MacDonald, Kenneth G. Jr.; Flickinger, Edward G.; Dohm, G. Lynis; Sinha, Madhur K.; Barakat, Hisham A.; May, Harold J.; Khazanie, Prabhaker; Swanson, Melvin S.; Morgan, Elizabeth J.; Leggett-Frazier, Nancy; Long, Stuart D.; Brown, Brenda M.; O'Brien, Kevin F.; Caro, Jose F. (East Carolina University, 1992-06)
    Since February 1, 1980, 515 morbidly obese patients have undergone the Greenville gastric bypass (GGB) operation. Of these, 212 (41.2%) were euglycemic, 288 (55.9%) were either diabetic or had glucose intolerance, and ...
  • Restoration of insulin responsiveness in skeletal muscle of morbidly obese patients after weight loss. Effect on muscle glucose transport and glucose transporter GLUT4. 

    Friedman, Jacob E.; Dohm, G. Lynis; Leggett-Frazier, Nancy; Elton, Charles W.; Tapscott, Edward B.; Pories, Walter P.; Caro, Jose F. (East Carolina University, 1992-02)
    A major defect contributing to impaired insulin action in human obesity is reduced glucose transport activity in skeletal muscle. This study was designed to determine whether the improvement in whole body glucose disposal ...