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  • Information Literacy Concepts 

    Hisle, David; Webb, Kathryn Kavanagh (2017-08-29)
    Overview: Purpose and goals This open educational resource provides learners with an overview of major information literacy concepts identified in the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy. Information literacy skills ...
  • OER Handbook for Eastern North Carolina 

    Seibert, Heather; Hoover, Jeanne; Zuberbier, Dan (2019)
    For this project, we developed an introductory handbook giving interested educators a basic overview of Open Educational Resources (OER), and suggestions on how to integrate them into their courses. As the popularity of ...
  • Project Management For Archivists: Befriending Your Backlog 

    Spring, Kelly (2020-03)
    Stymied by the amount of material in your backlog? Wondering where to start? Project Management for Archivists offers simple, step-by-step instructions on taking control of your inventory. From archival accessioning to ...
  • Promises Kept: East Carolina University, 1980-2007 

    Ferrell, Henry C. Jr.; Bailey, George; Flye, Bruce L. Jr.; Thompson, Robert J.; Scott, Ralph; Killingsworth, Brenda; Niswander, Frederick; Hursey, Brett; Morrison, Bob; Smith, Jim; Rose, Mary Ann; Pories, Walter J.; Biles, Roger; Bizzaro, Pat; Kirkland, Jim; Wubneh, Mulatu (2006)
  • Vietnam, a guide to reference sources 

    Cotter, Michael (Boston : G. K. Hall, 1977)