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    Khanal, Rabindra (East Carolina University, 2019-07-26)
    Data is being generated at unprecedented volume and speed, which is popularly known as Big Data. Most of this data is unstructured and requires natural language processing and information retrieval techniques to extract ...
  • Towards Big Data Infrastructure for Historic Handwritten Document Transcription 

    Hoffman, David Richard (East Carolina University, 2017-05-03)
    Historical archival documents are vast and contain many thousands of pages of unstructured data, often not easily searchable. The current state of the art is searchable meta-tags of documents which help a reader to land ...
  • User Behavior Analysis using Smartphones 

    Yasrobi, Seyedfaraz (East Carolina University, 2017-07-26)
    Users' activities produce an enormous amount of data when using popular devices such as smartphones. These data can be used to develop behavioral models in several areas including fraud detection, finance, recommendation ...