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    • Analysis of the mutation in cutaneous melanoma patients with occupational sun exposure 

      Candido, Saverio; Rapisarda, Venerando; Marconi, Andrea; Malaponte, Graziella; Bevelacqua, Valentina; Gangemi, Pietro; Scalisi, Aurora; McCubrey, James A.; Maestro, Roberta; Spandidos, Demetrios A.; Fenga, Concettina; Libra, Massimo (2014-03)
      Sun-exposure is one of the risk factors associated with the development of a cutaneous neoplasm. In melanoma, the Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK (MAPK) signaling pathway is constitutively activated through multiple mechanisms, including ...
    • Nectin like-5 overexpression correlates with the malignant phenotype in cutaneous melanoma 

      Bevelacqua, Valentina; Bevelacqua, Ylenia; Candido, Saverio; Skarmoutsou, Evangelia; Amoroso, Alfredo; Guarneri, Claudio; Strazzanti, Angela; Gangemi, Pietro; Mazzarino, Maria C.; D'Amico, Fabio; McCubrey, James A.; Libra, Massimo; Malaponte, Graziella (2012-08)
      NECL-5 is involved in regulating cell–cell junctions, in cooperation with cadherins, integrins and platelet-derived growth factor receptor, that are essential for intercellular communication. Its role in malignant ...