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  • Bichir HoxA Cluster Sequence Reveals Surprising Trends in Ray-Finned Fish Genomic Evolution 

    Chiu, Chi-hua; Dewar, Ken; Wagner, Gunter P.; Takahashi, Kazuhiko; Ruddle, Frank; Ledje, Christina; Bartsch, Peter; Scemama, Jean-Luc; Stellwag, Edmund; Fried, Claudia; Prohaska, Sonja J.; Stadler, Peter F.; Amemiya, Chris T. (East Carolina University, 2004-01)
    The study of Hox clusters and genes provides insights into the evolution of genomic regulation of development. Derived ray-finned fishes (Actinopterygii, Teleostei) such as zebrafish and pufferfish possess duplicated Hox ...