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  • Analyses of the oligopeptide transporter gene family in poplar and grape 

    Cao, Jun; Huang, Jinling; Yang, Yongping; Hu, Xiangyang (2011)
    Background Oligopeptide transporters (OPTs) are a group of membrane-localized proteins that have a broad range of substrate transport capabilities and that are thought to contribute to many biological processes. The OPT ...
  • Genome-wide and molecular evolution analysis of the subtilase gene family in 

    Cao, Jun; Han, Xi; Zhang, Ticao; Yang, Yongping; Huang, Jinling; Hu, Xiangyang (2014-12)
    Background Vitis vinifera (grape) is one of the most economically significant fruit crops in the world. The availability of the recently released grape genome sequence offers an opportunity to identify and analyze some ...
  • Widespread impact of horizontal gene transfer on plant colonization of land 

    Yue, Jipei; Hu, Xiangyang; Sun, Hang; Yang, Yongping; Huang, Jinling (2012-10)
    In complex multicellular eukaryotes such as animals and plants, horizontal gene transfer is commonly considered rare with very limited evolutionary significance. Here we show that horizontal gene transfer is a dynamic ...