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    • Human antibodies for immunotherapy development generated via a human B cell hybridoma technology 

      Li, Jian; Sai, Tao; Berger, Marc; Chao, Qimin; Davidson, Diane; Deshmukh, Gaurav; Drozdowski, Brian; Ebel, Wolfgang; Harley, Stephen; Henry, Marianne; Jacob, Sara; Kline, Brad; Lazo, Ella; Rotella, Frank; Routhier, Eric; Rudolph, Kathryn; Sage, Jeaneen; Simon, Paul; Yao, Jun; Zhou, Yuhong; Kavuru, Mani S.; Bonfield, Tracey L.; Thomassen, Mary Jane; Sass, Philip M.; Nicolaides, Nicholas C.; Grasso, Luigi (East Carolina University, 2006-03-07)
      Current strategies for the production of therapeutic mAbs include the use of mammalian cell systems to recombinantly produce Abs derived from mice bearing human Ig transgenes, humanization of rodent Abs, or phage ...