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    • Patterns of Distress in African American Mothers of Preterm Infants 

      Holditch-Davis, Diane; Miles, Margaret Shandor; Weaver, Mark A.; Black, Beth; Beeber, Linda; Thoyre, Suzanne; Engelke, Stephen C. (East Carolina University, 2009-06)
      Objective: To examine inter-relationships among stress due to infant appearance and behavior in the NICU, parental role alteration stress in the NICU, depressive symptoms, state anxiety, posttraumatic stress symptoms, and ...
    • Promising insights into the health related quality of life for children with severe obesity 

      Selewski, David T.; Collier, David N.; MacHardy, Jackie; Gross, Heather E.; Pickens, Edward M.; Cooper, Alan W.; Bullock, Selam; Earls, Marian F.; Pratt, Keeley J.; Scanlon, Kelli; McNeill, Jonathan D.; Messer, Kassandra L.; Lu, Yee; Thissen, David; DeWalt, Darren A.; Gipson, Debbie S. (2013)
      Background Childhood obesity is a growing health concern known to adversely affect quality of life in children and adolescents. The Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) pediatric measures ...
    • Quality of life and BMI changes in youth participating in an integrated pediatric obesity treatment program 

      Pratt, Keeley J.; Lazorick, Suzanne; Lamson, Angela L.; Ivanescu, Andrada; Collier, David N. (2013)
      Background Changes in Quality of Life (QOL) measures over time with treatment of obesity have not previously been described for youth. We describe the changes from baseline through two follow up visits in youth QOL (assessed ...