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  • Motivational speakers 

    Ward, Isaac (2015-04-20)
    Premiere performance of a composition for electronic media by ECU student composer Isaac Ward. Recorded at A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall on April 20th, 2015
  • Music Discovery Requirements Document 

    Newcomer, Nara L. (2012-02-24)
    The world of discovery in general and of library discovery in particular is changing rapidly today. FRBR, RDA, discovery tools, and faceted browsing are key factors related to these changes in the way our users encounter ...

    Meehan, Eric
    Composition & Musicology By writing algorithms to complete counterpoint exercises in the style of Johann Joseph Fux’s Gradus ad Parnassum, a hierarchy of preferences between the given rules can be determined by testing ...
  • New music camerata. [sound recording] : Chamber music 

    Williams, Nathan L.; Richardson, Mark Douglas; Munden, Sharon; Leonard, Lisa; Burroughs, Mary Alice; Wacker, Jonathan; Bell, Rafael; Rawls, Scott; Gustafson, Christine; Gilliam, Alisa; Jacobs, Edward; Gregorian, Ara; Ulffers, Christopher (East Carolina University, 1999)
    Engage the mountain (1997) / Jacobs (Nathan Williams, clarinet, bass clarinet ; Jonathan Wacker, percussion) -- Remembrance (1990) / Richardson (Nathan Williams, clarinet ; Mary Burroughs, horn ; Mark Richardson, piano) ...
  • New music camerata. [sound recording]. 

    Gustafson, Christine; Newsome, Bo; Williams, Nathan L.; Ulffers, Christopher; Bair, Jeff; Taggart, Mark Alan; Burroughs, Mary Alice; Theurer, Britton; Broussard, George; Jarvis, Jeffery W.; O'Brien, John B.; Carter, Scott; Jacobs, Edward; Lewis, Leonard Mark (East Carolina University, 2000)
    Ensemblespiel (1999) / Edward Jacobs -- Six Windy City vignettes (1994) : Confused ; Useless ; Bluster ; Fatigue ; Alacrity ; Nonchalance / Mark Alan Taggart -- Black against white sky (1999) / Leonard Mark Lewis. Christine ...
  • A Prodigal Parody 

    Rose, Patrick; Tolentino, Ryan; Hollis, Sarah; Morgan, Laura; Presson, Abigayil (2015-03-22)
    Premiere performance of a string quartet by ECU student composer Patrick Rose. Recorded at A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall on March 22nd, 2015.
  • A Rainy Night in the City 

    Ward, Isaac (2015-04-20)
    Premiere performance of a composition for bassoon and piano by ECU student composer Isaac Ward. Recorded at A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall on April 20th, 2015
  • Short Character Pieces for String Quartet and an Analysis of Motivic Development and Evolution of Form in Johann Sebastian Bach's Keyboard Concerto nach Italienischem Gusto, BWV 971 (1735) and Mozart's Piano Sonata, K. 333 (1783) 

    Dosseva, Radina (East Carolina University, 2014)
    Throughout history there has been much discussion on the evolution of musical forms and structures. There has also been discussion of motivic development as a means of unifying one or more musical compositions. This thesis ...
  • Skyward 

    Rose, Patrick (2015-04-20)
    Premiere performance of a composition for violin and piano by ECU student composer Patrick Rose. Recorded at A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall on April 20th, 2015
  • Speculative Speculations : An Original Composition for Mixed Ensemble and Rhythm, Tempo and Time in Elliott Carter's Figment and Shard 

    Loebs, Christian (East Carolina University, 2010)
    This thesis is composed of two parts. The first part is an original composition Speculative Speculations for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, viola and cello and was premiered November 14, 2009 at the A. J. ...
  • A Study on Factors that Influence Instrumental Music Programs in Secondary Schools 

    Evans, Charles B. (East Carolina University, 2012)
    The purpose of this study was to investigate factors previously associated with challenges facing in-service instrumental music educators in northwest North Carolina. Two research questions guided the study: 1) How do ...
  • Symbolism in Messiaen's Oratorio : La Transfiguration de Notre-Seigneur Jesus-Christ 

    Tomlinson, Joshua (East Carolina University, 2014)
    This thesis will focus on the unity of rich numeric symbolism, religious text, and historical context of La Transfiguration de Notre-Seigneur Jésus-Christ by Olivier Messiaen.   Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) was known for ...

    Powers, Alec (East Carolina University, 2018-07-20)
    In his second symphony, the Symphony of Chorales (1958), Foss seems to be struggling to merge two identities, his Stravinskian Neoclassicism and his improvisation-influenced experimentalism. The mature Foss is first able ...

    Castillo, Jean (East Carolina University, 2018-05-01)
    Music is a powerful tool that can be heard all over the world. It is used as a means of expressing emotions, overcoming obstacles, and establishing an identity as an individual and as a culture. I plan to create a program ...
  • Thoughts on Temporal Perception's Relativity in Grisey's Vortex Temporum and Voss's Perspectives 

    Voss, Emerson (East Carolina University, 2017-07-21)
    This thesis centers around a comparative analysis between an instrumental work, Vortex Temporum (1995), by Gérard Grisey (1946-98), and a mixed media work by Emerson Voss (b. 1991), Perspectives (2017). This essay articulates ...
  • Towards a Method for the Analysis of Experimental Music 

    Pfalz, Andrew (East Carolina University, 2014)
    This paper discusses the nature of experimental music, its reception, and suggests a method for its analysis. It gives a definition for this body of music and traces its historical development. A continuum is constructed ...
  • Ty Matson: Senior Recital, Trombone 

    Matson, Ty Christian (East Carolina University, 2018-05-24)
    This Senior Honors Project is entitled “Ty Matson: Senior Recital, Trombone.” The author of the project is Ty Matson. The Senior Honors Project was the preparation and performance of my senior trombone recital, with program ...
  • Voyage 

    Ward, Julian; Lesko, Katie; Lueck, Amanda; Rupe, Trevor; Sledge, Ben (2014-11-20)
    Premiere performance of flute quartet by ECU student composer Julian Ward. Recorded at A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall on November 20th, 2014.
  • Vyvirian Folk Tale (The Merry Trickster) 

    Guthrie, Michelle; Ward, Julian (2016-03-31)
    Premiere performance of a composition for violin by ECU student composer Julian Ward. Performed by Michelle Guthrie. Recorded at A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall on 31 March 2016.
  • Zephyr 

    Franklin, Nia; Keil, Drew (2014-11-20)
    Premiere performance of a clarinet piece by ECU student composer Nia Franklin. Recorded at A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall on November 20th, 2014.