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    • Advances in Targeting Signal Transduction Pathways 

      McCubrey, James A.; Steelman, Linda S.; Chappell, William H.; Sun, Lin; Davis, Nicole Marie; Abrams, Stephen L.; Franklin, Richard A.; Cocco, Lucio; Evangelisti, Camilla; Chiarini, Francesca; Martelli, Alberto M.; Libra, Massimo; Candido, Saverio; Ligresti, Giovanni; Malaponte, Graziella; Mazzarino, Maria C.; Fagone, Paolo; Donia, Marco; Nicoletti, Ferdinando; Polesel, Jerry; Talamini, Renato; Bäsecke, Jörg; Mijatovic, Sanja; Maksimovic-Ivanic, Danijela; Milella, Michele; Tafuri, Agostino; Dulińska-Litewka, Joanna; Laidler, Piotr; D'Assoro, Antonino B.; Drobot, Lyudmyla B.; Umezawa, Kazuo; Montalto, Giuseppe; Cervello, Melchiorre; Demidenko, Zoya N. (2012-12)
      Over the past few years, significant advances have occurred in both our understanding of the complexity of signal transduction pathways as well as the isolation of specific inhibitors which target key components in those ...
    • Involvement of Akt-1 and mTOR in Sensitivity of Breast Cancer to Targeted Therapy 

      Sokolosky, Melissa L.; Stadelman, Kristin M.; Chappell, William H.; Abrams, Stephen L.; Martelli, Alberto M.; Stivala, Franca; Libra, Massimo; Nicoletti, Ferdinando; Drobot, Lyudmyla B.; Franklin, Richard A.; Steelman, Linda S.; McCubrey, James A. (2011-07)
      Elucidating the response of breast cancer cells to chemotherapeutic and hormonal based drugs is clearly important as these are frequently used therapeutic approaches. A signaling pathway often involved in chemo- and ...