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  • Deep Sequencing Reveals Transcriptome Re-Programming of Cells to the Elicitation with Methyl Jasmonate 

    Sun, Guiling; Yang, Yanfang; Xie, Fuliang; Wen, Jian-Fan; Wu, Jianqiang; Wilson, Iain W.; Tang, Qi; Liu, Hongwei; Qiu, Deyou (2013)
    Background Plant cell culture represents an alternative source for producing high-value secondary metabolites including paclitaxel (Taxol®), which is mainly produced in Taxus and has been widely used in cancer chemotherapy. ...
  • Genome sequencing and analysis of the paclitaxel-producing endophytic fungus NRRL 62431 

    Yang, Yanfang; Zhao, Hainan; Barrero, Roberto A; Zhang, Baohong; Sun, Guiling; Wilson, Iain W.; Xie, Fuliang; Walker, Kevin D; Parks, Joshua W; Bruce, Robert; Guo, Guangwu; Chen, Li; Zhang, Yong; Huang, Xin; Tang, Qi; Liu, Hongwei; Bellgard, Matthew I; Qiu, Deyou; Lai, Jinsheng; Hoffman, Angela (2014)
    Background Paclitaxel (Taxol™) is an important anticancer drug with a unique mode of action. The biosynthesis of paclitaxel had been considered restricted to the Taxus species until it was discovered in Taxomyces andreanae, ...