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  • Rich Spirits 

    Denning, George Alexander (East Carolina University, 1/13/16)
    Rich Spirits is about three homeless people huddled together behind a strip mall on a cold winter night. This two-act, social drama explores themes of family, abandonment, dreams, and glass-ceiling culture.
  • Breaking Down Borderland Stereotypes: The Borderland Mindset and Double Consciousness 

    Babyak, Lauren (East Carolina University, 1/13/16)
    This thesis examines three different texts, using borderland theories as a framework, to demonstrate that borderlands are not about physical locations but psychological states of mind. By studying three distinct texts, ...
  • Spin Cycle 

    Jackson, Stephen (East Carolina University, 2009)
    Spin Cycle is a two-act stage play detailing the adventures of a group of people in the political consulting trade. Action takes place in a simple hotel room somewhere in the American Midwest during an extended primary ...
  • A Search for Authenticity : Understanding Zadie Smith's White Teeth Using Judith Butler's Performativity and Jane Austen's Satire 

    Howland, Elizabeth E. E. (East Carolina University, 2009)
    The purpose of this thesis is to explore the search for authentic self in Zadie Smith's White Teeth. Using Judith Butler's theory of performance and performativity, a close reading of White Teeth provides concrete literary ...
  • Practical Pedagogy for the Use of Filmic Adaptations of Canonical Texts 

    Smith, Virginia Lang (East Carolina University, 2010)
    The following study is dedicated to the practical usage of filmic adaptations in the academic setting; more specifically, I explore the usage of adaptations based on The Scarlet Letter and how they can be integrated into ...

    Evans, Jeffrey L. (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Genre is a label of classification imposed on literary works, usually as a means to understand how to market a project. The traditional form - "literary fiction" - is the most common, but a visit to any bookstore will ...
  • Destruction of the Caribbean Landscape Through Colonization in Edgar Mittelholzer's Corentyne Thunder, Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea, and Wilson Harris' Palace Of The Peacock 

    Williams, Sandra Lewis (East Carolina University, 2010)
    The Caribbean Islands have long been known for their lush, tropical scenery. For this distinctive landscape to continue to be so alluring throughout the centuries, to the natives as well as to others, it must be respected, ...

    Snook, Amy Lynn (East Carolina University, 2010)
    During the colonial period in India, British travelers wrote various forms of travel writing texts, such as letters, diaries, travelogues, scientific or geographical exposés, and novels. Usually those texts reflected an ...
  • The "Most Accurate, Least Factual" Writer : Hunter S. Thompson, Journalist 

    Stotesbury, Marion Suzanne (East Carolina University, 2010)
    New Journalism, as practiced by Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Breslin, and other writers, loosened the accepted bounds of journalism in the 1960s. Embracing these unrestricted journalism practices, Hunter S. Thompson adapted the New ...

    Connette, Tracey L. (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Indian reservations are territories within the United States recognized by the federal government as land reserved specifically for American Indians. Indigenous communities still referred to as tribes have some autonomy ...

    Winar, Amanda J. (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Fistful of Debris is a collection of fiction aimed to explore the varied dimensions of familial loss. Each piece focuses on the personal growth and intimate details of a female protagonist's life, as she attempts to rebuild ...
  • Postcolonial African American Female Writers and their Three-Way battle against Imperialism, Canonization, and Sexism : Developing a New Multicultural Feminism 

    Lewis, Damion O. (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Female writers continue to remind us of the differences between themselves and males and the separate struggles they face. For a woman, the task of liberation through writing must include also a thrash against the ...
  • Voices of Desire : Heteroglossia in Graham Greene's The End of the Affair 

    Scott, Cheryl Modlin (East Carolina University, 2010)
    The voice of the author permeates the novel, according to Mikhail Bakhtin, and this voice is not isolated to the words or convictions of a particular character. The characters in the novel are masked with dialogue, ...
  • Power and Place : A Case Study Approach to Rethinking Crisis Communication 

    Dunn, Carolyn Kusbit (East Carolina University, 2010)
    This dissertation examines a 2003 explosion at a pharmaceutical plant in Kinston, North Carolina against the framework of both crisis communication theory and critical discourse analysis theory. In the wake of the explosion, ...

    Jones, LaTasha R. (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Throughout American culture and through varying mediums, railroad tracks have been depicted as tropes of socioeconomic repression, technological development, and even bountiful migration. For instance, Joseph's Millichap, ...
  • Atlantic City 

    Frazier, Jason (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Abstract  Atlantic City  by Jason Frazier  April, 2010  Director: Ron Mitchelson  DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH  Atlantic City is a screenplay inspired in part by events that took place in Catskill, NY in  the early 1980's. The ...
  • Moving a Lighthouse : Cape Hatteras 

    Snead, Nathan T. (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Moving a Lighthouse is a collection of poems that focuses on the evolution of coastal fishing villages. This collection discusses the changing way of life on Hatteras Island.  
  • The Causes of the Gordon Riots of 1780 : A Close Reading of Contemporary Accounts and Dickens's Barnaby Rudge 

    Faron, Katharine Marie (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Contemporary accounts of the Gordon Riots of 1780 are studied closely in order to ultimately determine how Dickens's use of these accounts in Barnaby Rudge reveals his view of the cause of the riots. Newspapers, political ...
  • Building Cultural Competence Through Multicultural Fiction 

    Luckhardt, Jessica Keally (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Cultural competence is a set of skills which is gaining recent attention as a tool for navigating a diverse American society. This study examines the purposeful instruction of select multicultural literature which can aid ...
  • Deadly Campaign 

    Bowen, LeeFredrick (East Carolina University, 2010)
    This is a feature length screenplay. A terrible flu like epidemic has broken out in the country. Bryan, a fresh young intern journalist, is on his first assignment with a major Washington newspaper. Bryan is teamed up ...