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    • Generational differences in practice site selection criteria amongst primary care physicians. 

      Duffrin, Christopher; Cashion, Molly; Cummings, Doyle M.; Whetstone, Lauren; Firnhaber, Jonathon; Levine, Gary; Watson, Ricky; Lambert, Aaron (2016-01-25)
      Background and Objectives: Generational differences are often viewed as shaping the overall attitudes and actions of different age cohorts. It is essential to understand the motivations and generational differences in ...
    • Generic Medications and Blood Pressure Control in Diabetic Hypertensive Subjects 

      Cummings, Doyle M.; Letter, Abraham J.; Howard, George; Howard, Virginia J.; Safford, Monika M.; Prince, Valerie; Muntner, Paul (2013-03)
      OBJECTIVE To investigate temporal improvements in blood pressure (BP) control in subjects with diabetes and policy changes regarding generic antihypertensives. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In a cross-sectional study ...
    • Get exercise, information during Walk-With-A-Doc 

      Zeches, Breann A; Kolasa, Kathryn M (2020-09-30)
      This is a weekly Q and A newspaper column under the byline of Dr. Kathy Kolasa. Today's column highlights the importance of preventive health measures through 1-hour physical activity with local physicians.
    • Glycemic Control Patterns and Kidney Disease Progression among Primary Care Patients with Diabetes Mellitus 

      Cummings, Doyle M.; Larsen, Lars C.; Doherty, Lisa; Lea, C. Suzanne; Holbert, Donald (2011-07)
      Background: Reducing glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) to near or less than 7% in patients with diabetes is associated with diminished microvascular complications, but this level is not consistently achieved. The purpose of ...
    • Guidelines for Healthy Foods and Beverages at Company-Sponsored Events. Vendor Tool Kit. Event Planner Tool Kit 

      Gaskins, Scottie; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Bucher, Colleen (2012-01-25)
      Vidant Heatlh adopted a "healthy food environment" policy in 2012. This vendor tool kit includes the policy, definitions that support the policy, stept that help a vendor adhere to the policy and resources. Topics covered ...
    • Guidelines put peanuts, eggs on menu for babies 

      Adams, Danielle; Kolasa, Kathryn M (2021-01-06)
      This is a weekly Q and A newspaper column under the byline of Dr. Kathy Kolasa. Today's column is about the change in Dietary Guidelines that now recommends feeding infants peanuts and eggs to prevent allergies.
    • Healthy Eating also is good for the planet 

      Trei, Alexander; Kolasa, Kathryn M (2020-07-29)
      This is a weekly Q and A newspaper column under the byline of Dr. Kathy Kolasa. Today's column is a discussion between the efforts of our community members to maintain healthy diets while trying to make a more sustainable ...
    • Healthy Habits for Healthy Living 

      Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Walker, Linda; McKee, Amanda (1995)
      This is a patient education brochure designed to describe the development of food habits of the people of eastern North Carolina (written in collaboration with Kristen Borree, PhD, anthropology. It then localizes the ...
    • Healthy Hospital Food Environment: Policy & Programs in Practice 

      Gaskins, Scottie (2012-05-07)
      This invited presentation highlights the state of weight at Vidant Health, a health care system serving 29 counties in eastern North Carolina and its innovative Health Food Environment program. A policy, effective in 2012, ...
    • Healthy Hospital Food Environment: the PCMH Story. 

      Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Gaskins, Scottie; Dial, Jeff; Ho, Amanda; Currie, Russ; Comeaux, Preston; Robertson, Roger (2006)
      This paper describes Pitt Memorial Hospital's response to the call to become a healthy worksite. It describes the hospital's effots to partner in the North Carolina Plan to Prevent Overweight and Obesity and Related Chronic ...
    • Heart healthy Diet Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer 

      Klose, Charles; Kolasa, Kathryn (2020-11-04)
      This is a weekly Q and A newspaper column under the byline of Dr. Kathy Kolasa. This column edition is meant to educate and inform readers about dietary strategies that are associated with decreased prostate cancer risk.
    • The heart healthy lenoir project-an intervention to reduce disparities in hypertension control: study protocol 

      Halladay, Jacqueline R.; Donahue, Katrina E.; Hinderliter, Alan L.; Cummings, Doyle M.; Cené, Crystal W.; Miller, Cassandra L.; Garcia, Beverly A.; Tillman, Jim; DeWalt, Darren A. (2013)
      Background Racial disparities in blood pressure control are well established; however the impact of low health literacy (LHL) on blood pressure has garnered less attention. Office based interventions that are created with ...
    • Helping Hands: A Guidebook for Volunteer Meal Providers 

      Jennings, Jill; Ward, Rachel; Kolasa, Kathryn M. (2011-09-27)
      Helping Hands: A Guidebook for Volunteer Meal Providers Author(s): J. Jennings,1 R. Ward,2 K. Kolasa3; 1Nutrition Science, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, 2East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, 3Family ...
    • How Sweet It Is: Traditional Sweet Iced Tea and the Diabesity Epidemic. 

      Taft, Natalie; Collier, David N.; Tanenberg, Robert; Kolasa, Kathryn M. (2015-01)
      In this paper we present four cases from our medical practice to increase awareness of the role of sweet tea in obesity and diabetes management. We start with a history of Southern style “sweet tea”, and discuss the ...
    • How to cook healthy meals at home on a budget 

      Trei, Alexander; Kolasa, Kathryn M (2021-02-24)
      This is a weekly Q and A newspaper column under the byline of Dr. Kathy Kolasa. Today's column discussed how to eat healthy on a budget.
    • I want to survive and thrive: diet and physical activity recommendations for Breast Cancer Survivors 

      Kolasa, Kathryn (2018-09)
      In this article, we review current diet and physical activity recommendations for long-time survivors of breast cancer. We also hear the voice of a survivor and her response to the diagnosis of a postmenopausal breast ...
    • In-ear hearing test probe devices and methods and systems using same 

      Givens, Gregg; Yao, Jianchu (2017-11-04)
      A medical hearing testing method includes: inserting an in-ear test probe that is coupled to a hearing test adapter into an ear of a patient at a patient site; receiving device identification data at a web portal operating ...
    • IN4Kids: data from a study of RD integration into primary care 

      Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Silberberg, Mina; Carter-Edwards, Lori; Murphy, Gwen; Mayhew, Megan; Armstrong, Sarah; Perrin, Eliana; Vodicka, Sheree; Graham, Cameron; Shah, Vandana (2010-03-10)
      Research indicates barriers to PCPs recognizing and counseling overweight children and their families, including lack of: knowledge about nutritional guidance, time to provide services, reimbursement, and skills in working ...
    • Meeting the Challenge of Providing Nutrition Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

      Kolasa, Kathryn M; Craven, Kay; Nordby, K (2021-01)
      Examples of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) who used their abilities to innovate and adapt to ensure the public, their patients and clients received continuous nutrition services, weight management services, ...
    • the MIND diet handout 

      Smith, Brittany; Craven, Kay; Kolasa, Kathryn (2020-11-01)
      The 2 page handout was designed to help patients/clients visualize an eating approach emphasizing food found in reducing dementia risk and slowing cognitive decline. It is based on the book, "Diet for the Mind" by Martha ...