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  • Creating Vidant Health's Healthy Food Environment 

    Gaskins, Scottie; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Simmons, Rose Ann; Njuguna, Njeri; White, Andy (2013-04)
    The paper describes the journey taken by Vidant Health (formerly University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina) to create a healthy eating environmnet on its entire campus. Vidant Health was among the first hospitals in ...
  • Creating Vidant Health's Healthy Food Environment 

    Gaskins, Scottie; Simmons, Rose Ann; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Njuguna, Njeri; White, Andy (2012-10)
    This paper documents the steps Vidant Health took from 2003 to 2012 in creating a healthy food environment. It describes criteria for foods to be sold/provided to employees and visitors. It provides a rationale for selecting ...
  • Guidelines for Healthy Foods and Beverages at Company-Sponsored Events. Vendor Tool Kit. Event Planner Tool Kit 

    Gaskins, Scottie; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Bucher, Colleen (2012-01-25)
    Vidant Heatlh adopted a "healthy food environment" policy in 2012. This vendor tool kit includes the policy, definitions that support the policy, stept that help a vendor adhere to the policy and resources. Topics covered ...
  • Healthy Hospital Food Environment: Policy & Programs in Practice 

    Gaskins, Scottie (2012-05-07)
    This invited presentation highlights the state of weight at Vidant Health, a health care system serving 29 counties in eastern North Carolina and its innovative Health Food Environment program. A policy, effective in 2012, ...
  • Healthy Hospital Food Environment: the PCMH Story. 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Gaskins, Scottie; Dial, Jeff; Ho, Amanda; Currie, Russ; Comeaux, Preston; Robertson, Roger (2006)
    This paper describes Pitt Memorial Hospital's response to the call to become a healthy worksite. It describes the hospital's effots to partner in the North Carolina Plan to Prevent Overweight and Obesity and Related Chronic ...
  • Pitt County Memorial Hospital Plays a Role in the Eat Smart Move More North Carolina Movement 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Currie, Russ; Dial, Jeff; Gaskins, Scottie; Simmons, Rose Ann (2009)
    Pitt County Memorial Hospital is taking the "Journey to Excellence" and as part of that journey, is creating a culture of wellness. This paper describes those efforts as well as the criteria for healthy food. Data ...
  • The UHS Nutrition Initiative: Enhancing the ability of patients, employees and the community to "Eat Smart and Move More" 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Poole, Diane A; Chatman, Mary B.; Nelson, Catherine; Gaskins, Scottie; Holliday, Amanda (2005)
    This article describes the obesity problem in eastern North Carolina and the responses that the Pitt County Memorial Hospital is taking locally to change policies and environments.