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  • Take Off 4-Health Healthy Lifestyle Camp Nutrition Education Curriculum 

    Dunn, Carolyn Kusbit; Harr, Nancy; Crawford, Yancey; Henes, Sarah T.; Kinner, Stephanie; Sutton, Virginia; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Collier, David N. (2009-06-09)
    Summer camps designed to produce weight loss are popular childhood obesity interventions. Nutrition education is a critical component of youth weight loss camps and we will present the curriculum developed for a 3 week ...
  • Take Off 4-Health: Innovative Strategies to Improve Wellness in Adolescents 

    Harris, Nancy G.; Briley, Alexis; Collier, David N.; Dunn, Carolyn Kusbit; Crawford, Yancey; Henes, Sarah T.; Kinner, Stephanie; Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Lutes, Lesley D.; Scripture, Lee (2010-11-09)
    Summer camps for weight loss are popular. We present the nutrition curriculum for a 3 week residential camp for adolescents with health risks related to obesity or type 2 diabetes. The curriculum includes a camper meal ...
  • Teaching the Art of Medicine: A Changing Portrait in Today's Medical Schools 

    Lambert, Aaron; Gress, Todd; Veitia, Marie (2008-03)
    Objective: The purpose of the present study was to assess attitudes toward the value of the “art of medicine” in medical education, beliefs regarding whether it can be taught and, if so, the methods of teaching that would ...
  • The UHS Nutrition Initiative: Enhancing the ability of patients, employees and the community to "Eat Smart and Move More" 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Poole, Diane A; Chatman, Mary B.; Nelson, Catherine; Gaskins, Scottie; Holliday, Amanda (2005)
    This article describes the obesity problem in eastern North Carolina and the responses that the Pitt County Memorial Hospital is taking locally to change policies and environments.
  • What to do when doctors disagree on diet for women with Gestational Diabetes 

    Kolasa, Kathryn M.; Haven, Kelley; Craven, Kay (2018-05)
    Medical nutrition therapy is considered the cornerstone of treatment for gestational diabetes mellitus, even though there is no consensus on the best dietary approach to achieve optimal glycemic control and positive maternal ...